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Here are some links to sites which offer information on Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
We hope they can be useful but cannot ensure the quality or the content.

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WebMuseum: Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Article on the artist and collection of paintings.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Online
Guide to art museum sites and image archives where Renoir's works can be viewed online.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir -- Olga's Gallery
Comprehensive collection of the images of Renoir's works with biography and historical comments.

Renoie (1841-1919) -- French Impressionist
Biography and image collection of this prolific French Impressionist.

Humanities Web: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Biography, representative works and suggested further resources for Impressionist painter.

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste : 1841 - 1919
Biography, pictures, guide to museum collections, news articles and in-depth information.

Renoir's Palette of Beauty and Sunshine
Article from the Christian Science Monitor about Renoir's portraits.

Gardens of the Sunlight: The Art of Impressionism
The Virtual Gallery of Impressionism and Post-impressionism. Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Degas, Manet, etc.

Famous Artists
Short biographies on approximately twelve artists.

Entire collection of Renoir paintings at Met with notes on each work.

The Phillips Collection: Luncheon of the Boating Party
Offers a profile of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and the history of the painting.

CGFA -- Pierre-Auguste Renoir
A biography and images from the impressionist.

Island of Freedom - Pierre Auguste Renoir
A biography of the artist with links to other resources and artists.

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