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Renoir - Portrait
Pierre-August Renoir
Auguste Renoir and Monet worked closely together during the late 1860s, painting similar scenes of popular river resorts and views of a bustling Paris. ... Renoir was particularly entranced by people and often painted friends and lovers. Renoir seems to have had the enviable ability to see anything as potentially of interest. More than any of the Impressionists, he found beauty and charm in the modern sights of Paris. He does not go deep into the substance of what he sees but seizes upon its appearance, grasping its generalities, which then enables the spectator to respond with immediate pleasure...[Read More]

Renoir's Art

Jean Renoir" by Pierre Auguste Renoir
"Jean Renoir"
Port de la Rochelle" by Pierre Auguste Renoir
"Port de la Rochelle"
Grand Canal, Venice" by Pierre Auguste Renoir
"Grand Canal, Venice"

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